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Birmingham, AL 35243

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     I aim to help businesses better tell their story not only through the camera but through websites, social media and content creation. I am well versed in brand development and passionate about audience and determined to raise unanimous fiscal growth. I have crafted campaigns for leading and emerging brands including Fortune 500 companies, government entities, law firms, non-profit organizations, community associations, commercial developers, leading publications, and retail establishments. My industry focus and interest lies at the intersection of consumer, tech and media/entertainment.
I enjoy tackling complex problems, uncovering new insights and creating new business opportunities. I look to bring a diversified group of perspectives towards a unified vision. Through my education and experience, I have had great opportunities to grow with the Adobe Creative Cloud, Wordpress Content Management Systems, Google’s Analytics, Capture One technologies, and Microsoft/Apple software. My position as owner-operator at McGough solutions has opened my eyes to what having strong organic campaigns can do when correctly implemented into the world of marketing.
Interested in telling your story? Let’s connect!
Currently seeking new business partnerships. Feel free to contact me 205-602-1052.
     Photography has been my passion since my first camera in middle school and now it has taken me all over the South and abroad on many assignments and projects. I will bring that passion to your photography session and will aim to capture that perfect portfolio you desire.
I have explored many different paths in photography during my first few years of shooting professionally, but capturing emotion is what I'm most passionate about. Whether shooting businesses, families, or individuals, I want to capture the genuine, fun, and unique images you're looking for. 
Every shoot creates an opportunity to meet new people, explore ideas and locations, to improvise and draw out all of my photographic experiences. It is a true privilege to be trusted to capture these moments for my clients. 

Shoot me an email and let’s start the journey to create some unforgettable and captivating moments together!
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